What would be keeping a #CMO up at night now? Let’s take some intelligent guesses:

Spending on #advertising is not up for debate, but where and how much should I be spending? Television remains important but should I invest more on #digital advertising and reduce the size of my #media mix?

Does the pandemic genuinely provide transformative opportunities around #diversification and #portfolio optimisation?

How do I invest in training my #sales force to have impact through online sales tools? How can my people remain persuasive on virtual platforms?

Should we invest in developing our supply chains to be more automated and needing less human intervention in the future?

How should I build strong #brands that are resilient enough to withstand significant systemic and unprecedented shocks?

How should I orient the organisation’s thinking around #competition? How should we define competition going forward?

How do I create a #marketing #organisation that is future focused in terms of being first opportunity-centric? How can marketing spot opportunities for new category entry?

Strategy Consultant

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