When Lehman Brothers went under it was a watershed moment. With the #iconic #debenhams now going under, it is one of those moments. With it comes the painful loss of 12,000 jobs.

The future of #retail needs to move beyond the online vs offline debate. It needs to be about…

What would be keeping a #CMO up at night now? Let’s take some intelligent guesses:

Spending on #advertising is not up for debate, but where and how much should I be spending? …

Photo by Linus Nylund on Unsplash

Adversities fuel innovation. The biggest leaps in our advancement as a species have been driven by adversities. The world of brand building is no different.

If this ongoing pandemic is considered to be an adversity as big as the Spanish Flu, the two World Wars, the Great Depression of the…

Photo by Fernando Hernandez on Unsplash

Everyone wants to be someone else. This 6 word sentence props up billion-dollar industries, creates unrelenting waves of consumer demand, provides employment to millions and always keeps us wanting for the next best thing. …

Sandeep Das

Strategy Consultant

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